The Instagram blue badge, has a great power and there surely are lots of benefits why people are killing themselves to get verified on Instagram. To some people getting the blue badge is just like a dream and they are trying their best best to achieve that dream.

Below, are the main benefits of getting verified on Instagram:

  1. Your account is more recognizable, and it’s easier to get peoples attention when they see the blue tick
  2. Your account will have more trust from other people since verified accounts are pretty rare
  3. If you are under 10k followers you will still be able to use swipe up feature in stories
  4. Verified accounts usually get early access to new Instagram features
  5. Since your account stands out more, you will get better engagement and with it more followers
  6. Your account won’t have any action limits (or if it does it will be very high) let me explain, you may experience action block if you ever did some actions (like, comment, follow) multiple times in a short period with verified account, your limit to do these actions is going to be much higher and you probably won’t experience action block ever

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Published On: May 28th, 2021 / Categories: Uncategorized /

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